IAPS Conventions are held every two years. The Eleventh Biennial Convention will be in Albuquerque, June 2-7, 2015. Watch this space for updates and information as it becomes available.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


We have two last minute cancellations on WS07, one day workshop "Mastering the Evocative Portrait" with William Schneider on Wednesday, June 3 9am-4pm,  $195

This class begins BEFORE the registration desk opens at 1pm.  If you would like to take the class, send me an email or just show up on Wednesday morning.  The instructor will add you to his class list and you can pay the fee once the registration desk opens.

The materials list can be downloaded & printed by going to the IAPS website, CLASSES page at:
click on the red link underneath the class description.

This is open to those who do not have a conflicting class on the same day.

SUSAN WEBSTER      susanwebster@verizon.net

SORRY EVERYONE .... my earlier blog today had an incorrect date.
Please note:


Not June 4 .......  you can tell I am really exhausted at this point .....        Susan

Saturday, May 30, 2015

FINALLY … the convention is almost here!    Some pointers …

The registration desk will open on Wednesday, June 4 at 1pm, and then each day throughout the convention.  This is where you go to pick up your registration package.   The package is very complete and has a wealth of information, including your badge which you should wear at all convention activities.

The registration desk is usually very busy on the first day or two, so please, take a few minutes to go through the package contents before getting in line to ask questions.  The information in your package will probably answer most or all of your questions.

There will be a notice board at the registration desk, showing which classes have openings, so if you want to purchase more classes, check that for availability.  When talking to the registration desk staff, please use the class numbers - such as WS12 or DM301.  Don’t ask for “Richard McKinley’s demo on Thursday” because there are almost 50 classes, our staff cannot remember the code name for each of them, and we keep track of classes by their numbers.

CLASS ALERT!    we have had a last minute cancellation on WS04, the two day workshop with Albert Handell on Tuesday and Wednesday, and so far have not found a replacement.  If anybody wants to take this class, you can email me, or just go to the class on Tuesday morning and see if the space is still available.  The price for the workshop is $360 which you can pay when the registration desk opens on Wednesday.  Note this offer is only available if you do not have a conflicting class booked on these days.  If you are confirmed on a one day workshop on Wednesday, it cannot be refunded or exchanged at this late date.

THREE CONTINENTAL BREAKFASTS are included in your registration fee from 8am to 9am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Please wear your badge.
PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGE:  We have changed the continental breakfast from Sunday to Thursday, since most people are coming in on Wednesday, and we have fewer people staying over on Sunday.  On Sunday the hotel will have a concession stand and sell breakfast items, coffee, tea, etc. from 7:30 am to 9am.

CANCELLATIONS, we certainly hope this does not happen, but if you have an emergency and have to cancel your entire registration - send an email to me at susanwebster@verizon.net   I will be monitoring emails constantly and we will process the cancellation immediately.  You do not need to call anybody to cancel your registration - you DO however, need to call the hotel to cancel your room.   Please be aware of the cancellation policies and fees which are listed on the IAPS website PRICING & POLICIES page at: http://www.iapspastel.org/conv15_pricepol.php
Refund checks will be mailed out after the convention is over.

I wish you all a wonderful convention experience in Albuquerque!    Susan

Monday, May 11, 2015


We have one spot open on WS07, one day portrait workshop with William Schneider on Wednesday, June 3. We would like to fill this, because it is an early workshop that begins before the registration desk opens in Albuquerque so nobody can purchase it there!

If anyone would like to purchase this workshop space, providing you don't have another workshop booked on that same day,  please send me an email at susanwebster@verizon.net

Also, if there is a workshop you want that has been listed as full, drop me an email with the WS number and I will put you on the waitlist.  Most workshops waitlists are either used up or are very short now so if we get a last minute cancellation I may be looking for somebody to fill it.  Do not however, ask to be put on the one for WS01 Sally Strand, she has a VERY long waitlist still!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

I have just been advised by the Manager of the BEST WESTERN RIO GRANDE INN, that he has received several cancellations of rooms recently, and would welcome more IAPS guests.

This hotel is just 2 blocks from the main convention hotel, they provide a free shuttle service and a free airport shuttle service.  If you are booked further away you may wish to switch to this hotel, or if you know somebody who is still looking for a room, please pass ths information on to them.

For more information on the hotel, including the phone number to call, see the HOTELS page on the IAPS website at:         http://www.iapspastel.org/conv15_hotels.php


Sunday, May 3, 2015

A reminder that you can still open your registration record and print MY SCHEDULE … here's how ....
·         Open the IAPS website – www.iapspastel.org
·         Click on the yellow & red convention logo in the bottom left hand corner, this will take you to the convention pages.
·         Click on the page called REGISTER
·         Scroll down all the way to the bottom, and click on the tab that says EXISTING REGISTRATION LOGIN
·         Enter your email and your password and it will open up your registration record.
·         Go up to the square yellow box in the top right hand corner, put your cursor on MY SCHEDULE to see what you have booked
·         Click on the word PRINT and it will open up a printable copy.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


After midnight on May Day - Friday,  May 1 - you will no longer be able to book or change any classes, nor can we add any more registrations.  Online registrations have been closed for some time of course, but we have been offering spots to people on the waitlist, as we receive cancellations.

If you have to cancel your entire registration, be sure to send me an email as soon as you know.  Effective May 1 the cancellation policies change, and workshops (but not demonstrations) will be nonrefundable unless we are able to resell the cancelled spot to another participant.  For details on the cancellation policies please see the PRICING & POLICIES page on the website at: http://www.iapspastel.org/conv15_pricepol.php

If you have booked a workshop (WS class numbers) be sure to download and print the SUGGESTED MATERIALS LIST.  Go to the classes page at: http://www.iapspastel.org/conv15_classes.php , scroll to your class and click on the red link  underneath the class description to download the document.

When you get to Albuquerque, you can pick up your registration package starting Wednesday at 1pm.  Classes that still have spaces open, will be available for purchase.  Be aware that at the convention, classes that you have booked are nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged.  If you have a class you no longer wish to take, there will be a bulletin board where you can offer it and maybe resell it to another attendee. 

Not long now …. we’re looking forward to seeing you in Albuquerque!

SUSAN WEBSTER   susanwebster@verizon.net

Friday, April 24, 2015


We just got a cancellation on WS23, Sunday workshop with Jean Hirons -  "Using Intuitive Color"

If you would like to take this workshop and if you do not already have a Sunday class, you can go into your registration and book it online.
Go to the registration page on the IAPS website at:   http://www.iapspastel.org/conv15_register.php
Scroll right down to the bottom, you may need to use the slide bar on the right side.
Click on LOGIN TO EXISTING REGISTRATION, enter your email and your password and follow the prompts to the classes page and on to the payment page.

Remember May 1 is the cut off for booking classes.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Just got a cancellation so there is now one open spot on WS15,  which has been sold out for some time, so if you are interested, grab it quickly!  

Saturday workshop with Colette Odya Smith,  
"Underpainting: Get It Right from the Start"

Susan Webster


A few spaces opened up on demonstration classes that have been full for some time, take a look you might want to grab one of these before they are gone!

DM102, demo with Richard McKinley on Thursday

DM207, demo with Fred Somers on Friday

DM208, demo with Aaron Scheurr on Friday

DM301, demo with Marla Baggetta on Saturday

DM303, demo with Barbara Jaenicke on Saturday

DM305, demo with Stan Sperlak on Saturday

For more information on these classes, and also to see which other classes still have open space, go to the IAPS website CLASSES page at: http://www.iapspastel.org/conv15_classes.php

Remember -  May 1 is the cut off day for adding or changing classes, so check this out NOW!

Susan Webster