IAPS Conventions are held every two years. The Eleventh Biennial Convention will be in Albuquerque, June 2-7, 2015. Watch this space for updates and information as it becomes available.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

GOOD  MORNING …. We have received some cancellations and changes, which have resulted in spots opening up on classes that were previously listed as FULL.  Below is a list of all classes which currently have at least one open space on them, some have more than one space.  These are demonstrations and also some workshops where we don’t have anybody on the waitlist. (classes in red italics have only 1, 2 or 3 spaces open, so expect them to go quickly!)

You can sign up online for any of these classes, providing you don’t already have a class booked at the same time.  Simply open up your registration record, (refer to my previous blog below for instructions) move to the CLASSES page, and if the space is still open, you will be able to click on it and book the class. Since this is “first come, first served” if the class you want shows as full, it means someone got there ahead of you!  Continue by clicking the yellow SAVE/REVIEW & CHECK OUT button which will take you to the payment page.

If you want one of these classes, but already have a class booked in that time slot, you cannot make the change online, so send me an email and if the class is still available, I will make the change for you.  There is a change fee of $25.

If you want to be waitlisted for a workshop that is currently full, just send me an email with the number of the workshop and I will put you on the waitlist.  A few have pretty long waitlists, but some have none or very short ones, so you just never know!   Remember, I only keep waitlists for workshops - not for demonstrations.  I will however, send out blogs like this from time to time when we have openings on demos that were previously sold out.  Hope it’s helpful ….

For more information - times, descriptions of classes and instructors, prices, supply lists etc. please refer to the IAPS website at:  www.iapspastel.org        

            SUSAN WEBSTER      email:  susanwebster@verizon.net

The following classes all have openings. 
Those in red italics have only 1,2 or 3 openings, so expect them to go quickly!

WS03              Contemporary Approach to the
                        Classical Figure                                   Diane Rappisi

WS07               Mastering the Evocative Portrait    William Schneider

WS10             Painting the Commission
                        Portrait                                          Luana Luconi Winner
DM101            Playing with Water                           Fred Somers
DM102            Painter’s Guide to Orchestration     Richard McKinley
DM103            What Lies Beneath                             Jeanne Rosier Smith

WS13              So You Want to try Abstract?           Debora Stewart
DM201            Design Principles for Landscape        Robert Carsten
DM202            Creating Distance in Landscape         Lorenzo Chavez         
DM203            A Rainy Day in Paris                       Alan Flattmann
DM204            The Dynamic Horse                          Dawn Emerson
SM1                Artist’s Guide to Blogging                  Karen Margulis
DM205            The Liberated Portrait                      William Schneider
DM206            Coastal Scenes                                 Andrew McDermott
DM207            Making Marks that Matter              Fred Somers
DM208             From Field Study to Studio            Aaron Scheurr
SM2                Get Your Work Out There!                Julia Patterson

WS15               Underpainting: Get it Right            Colette Odya Smith
DM301            Landscape to New Territory            Marla Baggetta
DM302            Try your hand at Abstract                  Debora Stewart
DM303             Color Harmony in Landscape         Barbara Jaenicke
DM304             Sculpting the Sky                       Liz Haywood-Sullivan
SM3                 Business of Portrait                     Luana Luconi Winner
DM305             Pastels were Meant for Weather    Stan Sperlak
DM306            Still Life with Painterly Style              Mike Beeman
DM307            Painterly Children’s Portrait               Alain Picard
DM308            My Side of the Easel                          Tony Allain
DM309            Wildflowers in the Landscape             Karen Margulis

WS17               Rainy Day & Night Scenes                  Alan Flattmann
WS18               Freedom of Abstract Landscape         Robert Carsten
WS20              Painting Skin Tones                               Alain Picard
WS23               Using Intuitive Color                          Jean Hirons