IAPS Conventions are held every two years. The Eleventh Biennial Convention will be in Albuquerque, June 2-7, 2015. Watch this space for updates and information as it becomes available.

Friday, April 24, 2015


We just got a cancellation on WS23, Sunday workshop with Jean Hirons -  "Using Intuitive Color"

If you would like to take this workshop and if you do not already have a Sunday class, you can go into your registration and book it online.
Go to the registration page on the IAPS website at:   http://www.iapspastel.org/conv15_register.php
Scroll right down to the bottom, you may need to use the slide bar on the right side.
Click on LOGIN TO EXISTING REGISTRATION, enter your email and your password and follow the prompts to the classes page and on to the payment page.

Remember May 1 is the cut off for booking classes.