IAPS Conventions are held every two years. The Eleventh Biennial Convention will be in Albuquerque, June 2-7, 2015. Watch this space for updates and information as it becomes available.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hi everyone, it’s getting closer!

This is a reminder that May 1 is the cut-off deadline for registrations, adding classes and making changes.  We have to do this, because there is so much work for us to finalize to have everything ready for you in Albuquerque.

This is a good time to review your registration, and also be sure to re-read the information on the PRICING & POLICIES page of the website so you are current on the details, and cancellation fees.  You can go straight to this page by at: www.iapspastel.org/conv15_pricepol.php.

To remind yourself of what you have booked, go to the REGISTER page at:   www.iapspastel.org/conv15_register.php.    Scroll all the way to the bottom (you may have to use the scroll button on the right side of the page) and click on LOGIN TO EXISTING REGISTRATION.  Enter your email and your password and open up your registration.  Go to yellow the status box in the top right corner and click on PRINT, you will then be able to print out your complete record and keep it for reference.  (You can continue to look at your registration and print your schedule after May 1)

If you want to add a class or make a change, please take care of it before May 1, and email me with any questions.  After May 1 we cannot make changes.   Please don't email me and ask which classes are open, you can always check the current status by going to the CLASSES page on the website at:

At the convention, you will be able to purchase additional classes where space is still available, there will be a bulletin board kept up to date with information on which are open for sale. In Albuquerque, classes are nonrefundable and nontransferable, so please don’t ask at the registration desk to return or change a class.  We will have a bulletin board for attendees to use to post messages, so if you end up with a class you cannot take, you can post a message and somebody else may wish to purchase it from you. 

Of course, we will (regretfully!) be accepting cancellations right up to the time of the convention.  If something should happen that you cannot come to the convention, be sure to send me an email as quickly as possible, so that we can process your cancellation and try to resell any cancelled workshops.  Please refer to the PRICING & POLICIES PAGE at
 www.iapspastel.org/conv15_pricepol.php.  for information on cancellation policies and fees.

If you need help send me an email, and please refer to classes by the class number, not the instructor or the class name.  i.e. DM101.

Many thanks …. Susan Webster                                 susanwebster@verizon.net